Q & A

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if I need to see a therapist?

The choice to start seeing a therapist is a personal one. It can be intimidating to step out and ask for help. But many people find that the risks are soon outweighed by the relief they feel in consulting a professional. If you are feeling significant distress, it impacts your daily life, you’re unable to find relief on your own, or you lack a sufficient support system, I encourage you to reach out now

Question: How is psychotherapy more beneficial than talking to a friend or family member?

It is wonderful to be able to share your feelings and struggles with a friend or family member that you trust! However, certain issues may be outside of the scope of friends or family’s ability to help. A trained professional therapist has developed skill and understanding with respect to the techniques and methods that are necessary for facilitating healing change. Friends are not bound by the standards that professional counselors follow, and oftentimes are partial to your perspective and relationship, and this could create a hardship. Seeking the expertise and empathetic support from a professional counselor provides the guidance and insight you might need to develop an understanding of your situation and what you need to make an impactful change.